Skillsfirst Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading (RQF) - Module 1 - Trading Introduction
Skillsfirst Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading (RQF) - Module 2 - Financial Products
Skillsfirst Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading (RQF) - Module 3 - Economic Principles
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“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal”
Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

Trading believe it or not is one of the most emotionally demanding practices you will undertake in your life. There will be days when you feel on top of the world and alternatively there will be days when you think you have the world on your shoulders and not really understand why, and this is where psychology is important for continued development.

Trading psychology is no secret, many of the most successful traders have used it for years but it has only been in recent times that it has become a widely accepted practice in a trader’s performance. You only have to look in the major bookstores these days to find endless literature on the subject!

Due to the Human element in trading, one of the first things you must learn about trading is that it can be up to 80% psychological. When you venture on this journey to becoming a trading athlete your key assets will be discipline, commitment, development and a lot of hard work, and there is no doubt that you will need mental coaching along the way.

You may or may not be aware the mind has a certain kind of irony and that we continually and autonomously perform tasks that are implanted in our brain. Such examples could be self-worth, physiology, or just bad habits we have etc. The idea of trading psychology is to help you understand the implications of your actions and experiences. You will then learn from them, be introspective and develop mentally to perform and motivate yourself to become the best you can. This will inevitably mean being focused, goal orientated and making yourself a trading plan in the short to long term.

In your development and undertaking this of course we will show you some techniques that will help your psychological state in both trading and your personal life using techniques from neuro- linguistic programming, visualization, self-motivation, and self-talk techniques that should help you on your way to becoming the successful trader that by now you should imagine yourself being.

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