Skillsfirst Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading (RQF) - Module 1 - Trading Introduction
Skillsfirst Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading (RQF) - Module 2 - Financial Products
Skillsfirst Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading (RQF) - Module 3 - Economic Principles
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What’s Included:

Bond Introduction

This section covers a comprehensive guide to bonds, and bond futures and where they are traded. Important reading because bond futures are some of the most traded markets out there.

Forex Introduction

We learn about the foreign exchange markets in this section including what it is, what a forex future is, and the types of contracts offered and where they are traded.

Commodities Introduction

The list of commodities is pretty substantial and we list them here along with pricing, commodity futures and where they are traded.

Options Introduction

Options are often overlooked and in this lesson we explain what options are, how they are priced and where options are traded.

STIRS Introduction

Short term interest rate products are quite complex and in this section we aim to highlight what they are, how they are priced, what is a STIR future, and finally what exchanges they are traded on.

Indices Introduction

In this section we are going to cover the different stock indices, what is an index, what are index futures and learn how indices are priced. Finally there is a section highlighting which exchanges undertake index futures trading.

We Want You To:

Take all this information on board learn it thoroughly and take your time to absorb the details, for extra work perhaps you can start learning how the different markets interplay with each other. Proactively think about the markets and what they are used for, and who uses them, and why. When you have completed this stage you will have another test so enjoy! And remember soon you could be actively trading in one of these markets now that’s motivation for you all!

After each section you will be asked to complete some helpful questions (in red) to help you with your understanding. Please note that these do NOT form part of the examination.

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