Skillsfirst Level 1 Award in Managing your own Money (RQF)

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Stellar Educations innovative Money Management course contains everything that you wanted to know about finance but had never been taught.

Our course is split into a series of short high-impact videos, support documents that all tackle different elements of personal finance. The Level 1 course will help you to improve your finances by managing your money and getting better deals to make your money go further.

Learning Outcomes:

1️⃣ Identify regular weekly expenditure

2️⃣ Outline ways to make savings in weekly expenditure

3️⃣ Identify a savings account to match your own needs

4️⃣ Outline features of different types of savings accounts

5️⃣ Identify reasons why borrowing could be necessary

6️⃣ Explain factors to take in to account before borrowing

7️⃣ Outline the features to different ways to borrow money

After you have completed all the Modules you will be required to take an exam. This will consist of 20 Multiple choice questions relating to all the modules covered. You will require a 75% pass mark in order to gain the Certificate.

However, if you fail, you will only be allowed to take the exam one more time with a different set of questions. This will need to be taken within a two week period of the first exam.

Please read carefully the instructions to the exam as the camera on your laptop will be used to video record you undertaking your exam, under the strict guidelines set out by awarding organisations regulated by OFQUAL.

Below you will find our ‘Jargon Busters’. These definitions are there to help you throughout the course with an explanation of terminology that exists in the wonderful world of finance!

Enjoy the course.

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